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Contact Andy today for a complimentary 30 minute strategy session with one of world's leading authorities on the customer “sales cycle”.

What We Do

We solve big business problems, and make no mistake about it, every company has them. The Jacob Consulting Group specializes in providing powerful solutions that will help your company become stronger, better, and faster. Jacob's team will drive unprecedented results to your business. Read Jacob's Testimonials Now!

How We Do It

The Jacob Consulting group does not believe in "old-fashioned" sales techniques or outdated closing skills. Simply put, they don't work anymore. Jacob believes that at the heart of any business is the customer. Jacob says, "Most companies don't ask the right questions that would help them develop world class business strategies. We not only ask the right questions, we answer them".

This Morning

"This morning your competition had a meeting about increasing their market share ...Let's make sure their plans go awfully wrong." -Andy Jacob