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Groupon On Topsy Turvy Wave

Groupon On Topsy Turvy WaveShares of Groupon Inc.are slightly higher in today’s trading. Groupon shares touched an intra-day high of $23.59, and at last check, the stock was up 0.93% to $23.05, with volume at 395,714. As you know, Groupon completed its much awaited IPO last month. The company’s shares were priced at $20 in the IPO, and since the IPO, the  shares have been extremely volatile. Following the IPO, Groupon shares fell to a low of $14.85 late last month, and has since rebounded. Citigroup has begun covering the company, and says the company’s performance is impressive. Sorry Groupon fans. Google Offers (while just a minuscule portion of Facebook’s and Groupon’s volume) will ultimately blow Groupon out of the water. Groupon’s earnings are 200 times Google Offers right now…Now for long…can you say “I would like to buy some Puts on Groupon?”

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