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    -Dan Gilbert, CEO Quicken Loans

    Owner, NBA Cleveland Cavaliers.


    -Hal Jolley, COO, Invidasys


    -Ron Laikind, CEO. ExtremeMist


    -Mark Otuteye, CEO at LeadBoost


    -Mohib Ahmad, Director of Digital Marketing


    -Michael Del Prette, Serial Entrepreneur


    -Howard Babcock, CEO, Titan Funding​


    -Alex Barton, Co-founder, Arcui Cyber Security


    -Anthony Coss, JD, The Coss Law Group.​


    -Barry Lubin, CEO, AIM Advertising


    -Florin Ilie, Lead Software Developer, Spear Education​


    -Christos Marinakos, CEO, AeroLink


    -Bob Hasset, Sotheby’s Real Estate, Top 1%​


    -Eugen Ilie, GoDaddy, Director Customer Marketing


    -Hemant Butti, CEO, Quantum Gravity​


    Suzette Austin, Foundation Board Member at Rotary Club of Saratoga, CA


    -Hai Nguyen, Senior Executive, Five9


    -Stephen Polter, CEO, Polter Law Group


    Rabbi Levi Shemtov, Executive Director, The Friendship Circle


    Ron Ferber, Founder, Wellsense​


    Rabbi Tzvi Schectman, Family Coordinator, Friendship Circle, Director Great Bike Giveaway


    -Eddie Le, Managing Partner,
    Lumos Partners


    -Alan Sussman, CEO,
    Sussman Agency


    Geoff Rego, CEO, Hushly.


    -Jonathon Polter, Founder, PawnGuru.com

  • "Jacob has impactful insight into the customer sales cycle."

    Peter Schmitt, Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer

    "Any Business Leader Can Benefit From Jacob's Insight and Experience."

    Doug Freeman, CEO at nCentix, LLC

    "Jacob Group means immediate impact."

    -Joseph Impastato, II, CEO, NowHire.com

    "Jacob epitomizes

    flawless execution."

    -Stan Christensen, Managing Partner, Arbor Advisors, Harvard Business School, Professor Stanford.

    "Jacob's consulting is transformational."

    -Sam Valenzuela, President, National Auto Body Research

    "Jacob is a business zeitgeist."

    -Jeremy D. Chused, Director at Provenio Capital

    PawnGuru David Stiebel

    "Jacob is a great adviser."

    -David Stiebel, MIT, Founder, PawnGuru

    "Jacob is a great strategist."

    -Max Cohen, Thought Leader,Co-creator, Spiritual Gangster

    "Jacob is a super valuable resource."

    Ward Chandler, Startup Founder

    "Jacob is a business game changer."

    -Ross Bloom, Co-Founder, CLO at Biostation

    "Jacob is an invaluable asset."

    -River Cohen, River Cohen Giving

    "Andy is a creative thinker and great communicator."

    Tom Brainerd, VP National Funding

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    Andy Jacob, CEO, The Jacob Group

    Andy Jacob, CEO, The Jacob Group

    We uncover your company’s greatest opportunities for growth,

    and provide you the critical road-map to get there."

    Andy Jacob CEO, The Jacob Group

  • Andy Jacob, CEO. Let's Go

    Meet Andy Jacob

    CEO, The Jacob Group

    Andy Jacob is Founder and CEO of The Jacob Group, bringing more than 20 years of executive experience founding and leading startups and high growth companies. Jacob is a pioneer in the fields of consumer finance, online customer acquisition, and consumer monetization. Jacob has been seen as a guest financial expert on CBS, ABC, NBC, Time Warner, and Bloomberg. Jacob’s companies have also been covered by The Wall Street Journal. Jacob is turning the billion dollar consultation industry upside down with his “one-hour” coaching and consulting practice, focused on startup entrepreneurs and visionaries who are creating innovative companies. Leveraging his experience and strategic abilities, Andy is known for breaking down business problems quickly and efficiently. Jacob’s mission is to provide entrepreneurs easy solutions for complex problems. Jacob is the author of “The Beautiful Start-Up Quiz”, and an active investor, business owner and entrepreneur,


    While Jacob is best known for his business savvy, his favorite accomplishment is being a founding supporter and executive board member of The Friendship Circle, an organization that provides individuals with special needs the support, friendship, and inclusion they deserve. Jacob and his wife, Kristin, are also supporters of numerous animal charities.

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    Sales Performance Consulting For Your Business

    We work to increase your business 10X...NOT 100%

    The Jacob Group's 10X Paradox©.

    Most companies only think about increasing their market-share. Jacob looks at your business an entirely different way. Jacob calls it the 10X Paradox©. Jacob works with your company to discover radical ways to efficiently transform your business by 10X...That is 10X... Not 100%!


    Jacob says, “most companies aim too low”. Companies can easily sell more, close more, and make more with my system. Mr. Jacob believes that technology and high level psychological modeling have transformed business to a level that companies must commit to 10X growth in order to survive. Jacob and his team strive to take your business to levels once only dreamed about.

    We Build, Fix, And Scale Your

    Sales Team.

    Build It

    Jacob has been called one of the

    nation's leading sales consultants.

    Let's Go!

    We Build, Fix, And Scale Your

    Sales Strategy.

    Strategy For Domination

    The Jacob Group’s Success

    Surge Strategy and Execution Planning Let's Go.

    We Build, Fix, And Scale Your

    Sales Funnel.

    Optimize The Funnel

    We fix your sales cycle, we build a powerful strategy, and we make sure your company performs.

  • The Jacob Group

    Five Drivers Of Transformational

    Business Performance©.



    Where Your Business Team Is Now.

    If you don't know where you are, you don't know where you are going. 10X Your Business.



    Where Your Business Team's Going.

    Complete, quantitative scorecard.

    We keep score so you dominate with business growth.



    We Analyze Your


    Rivalries are great.

    Knowing your competition's game plan and business strategy is better.



    Your Entire Company Has Pinpoint Goals

    What's working at your company and what's not. Your business has stars and dogs.

    Pinpoint foot-printing.



    You Always Close The Right Customers.

    Targeted consulting to win. Touchstone analysis of how

    you scale quickly, profitably,

    and efficiently.

  • A Message From Andy Jacob

    CEO, The Jacob Group

    Transformational Sales Performance Consulting For Your Company. The 10X Paradox©

    Hello, and thank you for considering The Jacob Group to help transform your company.


    If you are like most leaders, you are constantly thinking about ways to increase your market-share. However, in today’s hyper-competitive business environment, your company needs to look at your growth in an entirely different way. I call it the 10X Paradox©. With help, it is possible for your company to discover radical ways to efficiently transform your business by 10X. That is 10X... Not 100%. Most companies aim too low. Technology and high level psychological modeling have transformed business. Today, your company must take action steps to promote 10X growth in order to survive. The key is to pinpoint performance opportunities, and engineer a process that results in a dramatic increase in business.


    Why is the The 10X Paradox© possible? Simply put, everyone is selling something to someone. Every organization is in the business to sell. Whether you’re selling the next latest and greatest cloud computing program, raising money for a venture round, selling your business, negotiating the sale of your home, or selling your kids on the idea of getting better grades at school, your success depends on how well you, or your organization can close the deal. You may have the greatest idea or product in the world, but if you can’t sell it and close it, it worthless.


    Sales influence is ubiquitous in everyday life. It is a rare day when any one of us does not attempt to influence others, and are influenced ourselves. The world is made up of “buyers” and “sellers” in a constant dance, and each and every one of us is on one side of the transaction, or the other, many times each and every day.


    It is virtually impossible to live in today’s world without being bombarded by people and companies trying to persuade you to buy their brand, use their product, retain their service, or invest in their idea. While constant sales messaging can be annoying to most buyers, this constant prodding has actually served an excellent purpose. The continued bombardment of sales messaging has caused a sequence of events that has made the buyers better consumers, and has made the sales environment the most competitive in history. It is this convergence that makes the The 10X Paradox© possible.


    This new, ultra-competitive sales environment has generally lowered the price point of goods and services offered to the buyers, and has caused most companies to seek innovative ways to improve their sales skills, their service, their price, and their strategy. The ultra-competitive sales environment has also caused a further separation of the organizations that are the “sales-haves”, and the organizations that are the “sales have-nots”. The “sales-haves” are a very small group of organizations that sell the majority of their market share to the buyers. These “sales- haves” are the people, and the organizations, that have taken advantage of my 10X Paradox. They understand that small incremental changes in their business will yield zero results.


    Only massive action with a targeted plan can result in massive change.The “sales have-nots” are the majority of all the other organizations who are selling the minority of what they have to offer to the buyers, and are stuck in first gear going backwards.


    So why is the The 10X Paradox© so important to your business? Simply put, companies that think about “increasing their market share”, or “doubling their business” are missing the boat. It’s a new era. New business realities have opened up an open corridor for companies to think differently about growth. Companies now need to think in terms of 10X growth to remain relevant. Most companies that simply want to grow, or double their business, are heading for extinction, and may not even know it.


    We live in what I call the Persuasion Age©. The Persuasion Age is happening right now. Through technology, the sellers and the buyers are better informed about their transaction than ever before. Due to better and faster information; the buyers and sellers have actually begun to prey upon each other in the sales cycle.Through the power of technology and social psychology, the buyers have turned the tables on the sellers, taking away many of the traditional sales advantages the sellers and their organizations have traditionally had in the sales cycle.The buyers have learned how to use the power of technology and social psychology for their own gain and personal benefit, which in turn, has generally caused the seller’s organization’s to lower their price points, deliver a higher quality product or service, and to increase their speed of delivery.


    As the consumers, or buyers, have become more informed, they have learned to manipulate the sales cycle for their own gain. This balancing of power has been very good for the buyers, and has brought more honesty and integrity to the marketplace. Unfortunately for many organizations, this super informed buyer has made it more difficult to do what they are paid to do...grow their business. Only a detailed action plan and pinpointed growth analysis can provide the critical road-map to get there.

    In essence, the buyers can’t be persuaded by the sellers like the old days, making it more difficult for companies to grow at the expense of ill informed buyers. In essence, the buyers have gained an edge on the sellers because most sellers, nor their organizations, have been properly prepared to handle this new, “ultra-competitive sales environment”, where the buyers can, and do, control the sales cycle. The good news is that this new business environment is extremely conducive for companies dedicated to 10X business growth. 10X business growth is open to those organizations that have invested the time, energy, and effort to learn the road-map necessary to make these teflon coated buyers their customers.”


    10X’ers are the few well-prepared companies that have learned to navigate this ultra-competitive sales environment with an executable and measurable strategy. As a CEO or business owner, it is up to you to invest the time energy and effort necessary to join the elite group of 10Xer’s or risk heavy consequences.


    The Persuasion Age has created informed, intelligent buyers. This new age demands that your organization dramatically improve the way in which it deals with transformational sales performance. While the majority of regular organizations are busy selling, the 10X’ers are doing nothing but closing: They are closing in person, online, over the phone, at conferences...everywhere.


    Bottom line: With the right plan, your company can begin moving toward 10X growth, and never look back.


    You want your organization to do more closing, and less selling. The 10X’ers are closing effortlessly because their customers trust them, and like them. As a matter of fact, 10X’ers really don’t do any “traditional selling” at all. And the beautiful thing about being a member of this exclusive group is that their clients are 100% completely unaware that they have been influenced in any way, whatsoever. This is the key to their success.


    Can you imagine what your increased gross revenues and profits would look like if your entire organization closed more business? There is an old saying, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to keep on getting what you always got”.


    Unfortunately, for most companies, “If you keep on doing what you’ve always done, you’re going to lose everything you have”. Why? A new breed company with the foresight to plan with 10X Paradox vision will see to it.


    You must take immediate action to compete at the highest sales level necessary to 10X your market share or risk it all. The choice is yours as a leader.


    As a business owner, you want to give your company every possible advantage it can have. You understand that your organization’s growth is dependent upon your leadership. As a leader, you get paid to identify opportunity, and for obvious reasons, a huge opportunity lies in having your entire organization thinking and acting transformationally.


    If you are the type of leader that wants to dramatically increase your market share, and give your organization the critical advantage necessary to ensure your organization leaves a footprint on the world, The Jacob Group can help.


    You will know if the Jacob Group is the right fit for your company in one 60-minute
    phone call.


    If you are a visionary leader that desires to grow your organization by 10X and excel at the highest level, I personally invite you to a free 60 minute, one-on-one phone call to determine what action steps we can take to get your entire organization moving in the only direction possible in today’s fast moving business environment.


    Our program will radically improve your company.


    Our process and training is straightforward and powerful. We know your time is extremely valuable, so here’s how it breaks down. If you are the decision maker in your company, and your company needs to grow, raise money, close more deals, increase your profitability, and increase your ROI, we can help.


    Imagine what having your entire organization performing at the highest level would mean to you, your shareholders, and your business model.


    Thank you, and I look forward to discussing how we can help transform your business. For decision makers and companies desiring to lead, I make the first hour free of charge. It is really the only way we can determine if we are the right fit for each other. At the end of a one hour call, we usually can determine if we want to work with each other, and at what level I can help your organization. I look forward to meeting you, and speaking on the phone. Simply fill out the form provided, and I will get back to you personally. I have provided a long list of testimonials here, and I look forward to helping you grow your company.

    Andy "Jake" Jacob
    CEO, The Jacob Group


    PS. Some of the greatest business minds I have ever met, including Forbes list billionaires and international business leaders, as well as business like Amazon, Apple, Google, and Microsoft all use consultants. Think of The Jacob Group like a precision tactical team that will get your business on target quickly and efficiently. We get in. We get out. You scale.

  • Andy Jacob "Elevate"

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    "Elevate" Release Date: Summer 2019